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For over 40 years, Andre The Beast Crayton, has been one of the leading authorities in human performance and nutritional weight-loss. Starring nationally on ESPN’s “American Muscle”, Fox59 Overtime, (Gary Mendelow), The Indianapolis Recorder on Air “Hosted by Carolee Mayes and Connie Gaines”, WAV53 Indianapolis, Channel 13 WTHR “Hosted by Dave Calabro, reporter Chris Stoute and the Dave’s Team Club Member, Real Women “Hosted by WTPI’s Kelly Vaughn”, Sports Corner WAV53 Indianapolis “Hosted by Jennifer Coffman”, Sports Extra WALB10 Albany,Ga., TBN’s Public Report Channel 42 Greenwood, Indiana “ Hosted by Kathy Nikou and Barbara Presutti”, WTLC Radio Indianapolis Breakfast Club “Hosted by Guy Black and Linda Clemons”, The Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper (freelance writer), also featured in Muscle Magazine International, National Physique Committee Magazine, and Indianapolis Recorder Weekly.

Over the years he has helped transform people's fitness. He knows better than anyone that the right athletic apparel can make a huge difference so in 2020 Andre The Beast Crayton decided to create a line of apparel that reflects the importance of inclusivity and unity. Initially creating a line of colored hoodies that each represent various charitable causes enables everyone to participate in supporting these causes whilst working out. 

His new line ‘The Unity Collection’ reflects the importance of of being united or joined as a whole. Combining all the colors of our various causes into one. Unity is so important because everyone wants to be a part of something. Unity gives freedom, unity makes us all winners. In this world we meet different people, and every different people will know something that you don't, Unity is strength when there is collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved, Unity is a measure of how well each element works together. It describes the overall design, and whether it's components work together in harmony to communicate a single idea. Unity is the most important principle because it brings your unity together as one cohesive unit. Unity gives courage, hope and strength. When we get support from others then we can get the courage to fight together for injustice. When we are united, we can bring the change.The world would be a better place with more Unity.

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8785 Keystone Xing
Indianapolis IN 46240

317 701 3094

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